Find out more about the people behind Cawthron Institute.

Nicole Taber

Marketing and Communications Manager

Note: Nicole Taber does not currently work at the Cawthron Institute.

Nicole’s on a mission to tell the world about Cawthron’s important work and encourage greater investment in scientific solutions.  

Role at Cawthron

Nicole Taber is the Communications and Marketing Advisor for the Cawthron Institute.

With Government communications experience, she advocates for quality communication to drive success. Nicole’s interested in evidence based policy and says she’s focused on facilitating the growth of New Zealand industries, while enhancing our environment.

The Cawthron brand is trusted for independence and quality. Nicole was an independent voice during the 2014 election with the University of Otago Vote Chat series, and previously worked as marketing coordinator for quality New Zealand export company Aflex Technology.

Cawthron is a hub of innovation and activity. There are hundreds of projects running concurrently with experts working in aquaculture research, marine and freshwater resource management, food safety and quality, algal technologies, biosecurity and analytical testing. Armed with a talented videographer and accomplished storywriter, Nicole is always looking for opportunities to promote our projects and the greater science good.


Nicole developed her appetite for words through study of communications, political science, and marketing. She’s a passionate defender of investigative journalism and an active member of the Public Relations Institute of NZ.

Originally from the UK and kiwised in 2006, Nicole still enjoys watching British comedy reruns, revels in a good Sunday roast, and drinks her tea with a sizable dash of milk. However, she’s now equally at home in New Zealand’s stunning backcountry, which even after 11 years of exploring, never fails to amaze her.

+64 3 548 2319 ext 212